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If you have a preschooler, do you do scheduled  learning activities with them? Since I started homeschooling my oldest in Kindergarten, I felt that I needed to do something structured with my three year old too. Enter these wonderful, free websites full of preschool material: First School, Kids Learning Station and All Kids Network. They have helped me create a weekly lesson plan for my three year old daughter that takes a few minutes to prepare and provides wonderful learning opportunities for her. Did I mentioned it’s all FREE?

Here’s the plan each week with her. She works for about 15 minutes, or so, each morning on her daily activities. It’s enough to help her start learning the basic concepts but not too long to where she gets bored. Lingerie Rompers

Aside from the activities I have planned specifically for her, she also partakes in our Morning Circle/ Bible story/ Weekly memory verse time and does all of the crafts along with my Kindergartner. If we do a science project she usually does it with us too. When she’s not doing her work she’s playing on the floor with her favorite little toys while my oldest daughter does her work. My three year old is extremely laid back and easily entertained!

Monday: Color the letter of the week. Color the number of the week.

The letter worksheets I use are from First Preschool and Kids Learning Station. I also use the Christian themed alphabet coloring pages  from First Preschool as well.

The  number coloring pages I use are from Kids Learning Station.com.

Tuesday: Letter and number search. I make my own. I just write a bunch of different letters and numbers on a blank sheet of paper and Maddy has to find the numbers and letters of the week and circle them.

Wednesday: Alphabet Mini Book. Counting activity and worksheet. I love these from Kids Learning Station. com. I also like these themed counting worksheets and these cute counting practice worksheets from Kids Learning Station. com as well. Neon Lingerie

I love, love, love these alphabet mini books. They are so cute and my daughter loves doing them!

Thursday: Trace the letter of the week. Trace the number of the week. Both of these tracing worksheets I get from Kids Learning Station.com.

Friday: I change things up a bit on Friday. We’ll do a little letter and number of the week review but I’ll take some different activities from these sights and do those. Like matching games, Same/Different worksheets , fine motor activities or patterning. We may do puzzles or another art project. Ultra Sexy Lingerie

What kinds of activities do you do with your preschoolers?

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